Fire works and networks as follows:

- Implementation of all types of fire stations in terms of pumps that work with electricity and pumps working with diesel and electric panels of their own.

- All types of fire pumps.

- Implementation of all fire networks according to specific designs.

- All kinds of fire cylinders of all types according to use.

El Ahram Electromechanical Works & Contracting works on For the work done by it or for the works that are maintained on it through an integrated work system Of experienced engineers and technicians with the highest level of experience and accuracy in implementation.

Health works for the public establishment, tourist villages, hotels, banks and pumping stations, which are as follows

- Implementation of all types of sewage and water stations in terms of pumps and electric panels.

- All types of pumps in different models.

- Pipes and piping networks of their own.

- All types of water tanks.

- The work of all types of sewage sinks of the facility.

Pyramids Company has the design, supply and installation of:

- All central air conditioning works (Schiller-DX).

- All cooling tower works of various types and capabilities.

- All the works of cooling pipe networks and insulation.

- All Air Handling Units (A.H.U).

- All file and fan unit works (F.C.U).

- All works of ventilation fans and air pull for all purpose.

- All works of Considel units for hotels, banks and villas.

- All exits and ducts and control of air exits (VAV).

The company also works in many major engineering projects specialized in ventilation and conditioning of industrial and medical purposes and access to the required temperatures and relative humidity for all activities, for example Data Center.

Supply, installation and maintenance of all air conditioners (Sharp / Carrier / LG / Samsung / York / ...) at best prices for markets